Chemstory is an upcoming podcast created by gay, bisexual, and queer men and non-binary people and supported by research. Each episode is produced by a different community member who has been trained in podcasting to share their story with chemsex. Chemstory features the voices of people with chemsex experience (recent or past) to stimulate nuanced and compassionate conversations about the relationship between drugs, sex, harm, and pleasure. 

Chemstory is currently in production. We are currently recruiting men (cis or trans) or non-binary people,18 years and older, that speak French or English, to share their experiences. Participants will take part in three 90-minute workshops to learn how to create their own podcast. Financial compensation is provided. It is also possible to change your voice if you wish to remain anonymous.

If you would like to share your story or would like more information about our project, contact us at [email protected]


Principal Investigator
Olivier Ferlatte

Maxime Blanchette, Jorge Flores-Aranda, Katherine Frohlich, Mathieu Goyette, Daniel Grace, Phillip Joy, Eric Mykhalovskiy et Travis Salway

Knowledge users
Alexandre Dumont-Blais (Rézo), Marianne Palardy (Association des intervenants en dépendance du QC) et Len Tooley (Community-Based Research Centre)

Research Assistant
Maxim Gaudette

Chemstory is funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research