Chemstory is a podcast series created by gay, bisexual and queer men and non-binary people who share their experiences related to chemsex*.

Chemstory brings forward the voices of people with chemsex experience (recent or past) to stimulate nuanced and compassionate conversations about the relationship between drugs, sex, harm and pleasure. Each episode is produced by a different community member.

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Les premiers épisodes seront disponibles après le lancement du 1er juin.

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Chemstory is recruiting!

Would you like to share your story and make your own podcast? We are looking for :

  • men (cis or trans) or non-binary people,
  • 18 years of age and older,
  • who have lived experience with chemsex (recent or past).

Project participants will receive podcast training to equip them to tell their own stories. The training consists of three 90-minute workshops in which they will learn how to create their own podcast. Financial compensation is provided. Podcasts can be produced in French and/or English. Voices can be changed to promote anonymity.

Throughout the project, participants will receive technical and technological support as needed to help them produce their podcast. Whether it's about developing creative ideas, recording audio or editing, the team is there to support and facilitate them. We also have access to a professional recording and editing studio (located in Montreal).

"My participation in Chemstory allowed me to take time to reflect on my drug use in relation to my sexuality. It allowed me to take stock of the experiences I had had and it was very eye-opening to have a context to talk openly about it with others. I really enjoyed my experience of participating in this project!"

- Testimonial from a participant


Principal Investigator
Olivier Ferlatte

Maxime Blanchette, Jorge Flores-Aranda, Katherine Frohlich, Mathieu Goyette, Daniel Grace, Phillip Joy, Eric Mykhalovskiy et Travis Salway

Knowledge users
Alexandre Dumont-Blais (Rézo), Marianne Palardy (Association des intervenants en dépendance du QC) et Len Tooley (Community-Based Research Centre)

Research Agent
Patrice St-Amour

Research Assistant
Maxim Gaudette

Oh Mon Doux

Tristan Alantar

Chemstory has been approved by the ethics committee of the Université de Montréal (CERSES-20-157-D) and is funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

* "Chemsex" is a contraction of the words "chemical" and "sex". Chemsex is the use of illicit drugs with the intention of having sex with these communities. It is also known as Party 'n' Play (PnP).