Olivier Ferlatte and Elisabeth Dromer in a compelling podcast series on conversion therapies

Olivier Ferlatte, director of Qollab and professor at the Université de Montréal's School of Public Health, and Elisabeth Dromer, former Qollab student, are interviewed in the podcast series "Fais un homme de toi : thérapies de conversion" for their expertise on conversion "therapies".

Since 2022, conversion therapies have been banned in Canada. Yet these practices aimed at changing a person's sexual orientation or gender identity continue to exist. These often cruel practices cause harm and have been banned in Canada since 2022.

The seven-part podcast series (in French only) has been available on OHdio since April 8. It features heartbreaking testimonials from people who have survived these "treatments." The series also allows us to listen to the viewpoints of experts to understand these practices and their impact on the well-being and mental health of those who undergo them.


To listen to the podcast (in French only) « Fais un homme de toi : thérapies de conversion »

To read the article “Conversion Therapy” Experiences in Their Social Contexts: A Qualitative Study of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression Change Efforts in Canada” by Olivier Ferlatte and Elisabeth Dromer.

To visit the website Mettre fin aux pratiques de conversion – Centre de connaissances sur les pratiques de “thérapie” de conversion au Canada 
Mettre fin aux pratiques de conversion est une nouvelle ressource éducative qui vise à sensibiliser le public, à accroître la compréhension des pratiques de conversion et à informer les gens sur la nouvelle loi fédérale qui a été officialisée en janvier 2022.