New publication on conversion therapy's survivors

Olivier Ferlatte and Élisabeth Dromer (former Qollab Master’s student) sign a new publication in SSM—Qualitative Research in Health. This publication presents the results of Élisabeth’s master’s thesis.

The article explores how individuals who have undergone conversion “therapy” recover from this kind of practice, an understudied topic. Twenty individuals who have undergone this type of “therapy” were interviewed to discuss their experiences. The qualitative analysis conducted highlights three important themes: 1) rebuilding social support and finding strength in lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) and LGBTQ+-affirming communities; 2) overcoming SOGIECE through affirming therapy and healthcare support; and 3) managing SOGIECE instigators. Individuals who have experienced conversion “therapy” need affirmation of their LGBTQ+ identity, whether from parents, friends, family, medical professionals, or themselves. The results of this study highlight the need for society to accept and celebrate LGBTQ+ people and the need for more appropriate and easily accessible resources for these individuals.

To learn more, you can read the article here.